The Core Team

  • Shilpa Sirdesai

    Has close to 25 years of work experience, where she began her career with Leo Burnett. Went on to work with Better Communications and later went on to become an Independent Entrepreneur with PR giants Lin Opinion (as a Creative Support Group). After an enriching journey she's ventured into business and successfully operates a Bay Leaf, where she is hands on involved from business development to strategy and supervises total execution. Her experience lies in maintaining global standards in integrated communication, internal stakeholder communication, brand activation or BTL to support ATL or mainline activities that complete the 3600 brand cycle.

  • Allwyn Ivan D'souza

    Has close to 19 years of work experience having started his career into advertising as a Junior Client Servicing went on to head the Digital Business of Law & Kenneth, his life is to come a full circle with past work experience and with responsible stints with UCP direct, Draft Worldwide, Mccann Worldwide, and finally Digital Law & Kenneth, before becoming a part of Bay Leaf.

Mission, vision & values

"To evolve, grow and partner with our clients, by taking ownership of their Brands and by being the custodian of their Identity and Ethos against all odds and diversity."