Our Mission

Creating a brand identity for our clients!

“To evolve, grow and partner with our clients, by taking ownership of their Brands and by being the custodian of their Identity and Ethos against all odds and diversity.”

Making things better by making better things.

Bay Leaf Integrated Communication Solutions LLP

is an award-winning, full service product design consultancy founded in 2012.

We are professional problem solvers, working with some of the world’s leading brands on category-defining products that improve how we humans live and work. (We wish we could share them all here, but we’re sworn to secrecy.) And we’re just as excited about working with entrepreneurs and startups on groundbreaking new ideas…


Our way of working is rigorous but flexible. We’ll take your project from ideation to production, or can get involved and work alongside you at any stage of the process – from technology development to Online Marketing Designs, visualisation, prototyping and advertisement management – integrating with your in house team or working independently.

We’re innovators – curious, experimental, creative and passionate. But our pragmatic, precise approach and


highly technical expertise mean that understanding key areas of Online Marketing comes inherited from our years of exposure.

Finally, we care deeply about our Clients as the online marketing business is 24/7 with no weekends we work to deliver 365 days a year with round the clock staffing. We are proud to be founding partners at Bay Leaf – a network encouraging innovation, collaboration and knowledge transfer to facilitate the transition toward an impulsive online business of branding.

Friendly Support 24/07

We don’t take a break so that your business doesn’t take one. Our teams work 24/7, 365 days a year

Quality Product Design

Bay Leaf is a full-service, multi-award winning product design consultancy, committed to delivering innovative, commercially successful products across industries.

Perfect Pixel Design

Our design team isn’t satisfied easy. Beyond creating clutter breaking designs, they have a penchant for delivering pixel perfect designs so no matter the medium, they always look gorgeous.

Our Fact Sheet

Over the years, it has been inspiring and passionate to work these numbers at Bay Leaf.


Years of total experiences


Designs Created


Project Completed


Stable Clients


Meet our team

“Industry Experience Required” is a mind-set we have changed, as we bring to the table smart work and transferable skills and do not get too concerned about the industry experience. We believe a brand has one universal language and multiple dialects which we adapt according to industry, region and scope


Clients who trust us

Clients choose us because they need one trusted adviser who can come into their inner circle and understand what they care about deeply

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