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If we were in 2015, as an agency, we would overwhelmingly sell snapchat marketing to you. Over the years, Snapchat has been rolling out its business features in a way that has made the platform more relevant to business houses from the entertainment, sports and apparel industries to say the least. A highly arguable point […]


Create To create is to actually execute. From a blue print to preparing final print ready files. Most importantly, branding is based on consistency. A brand is the collective impact or lasting impression from all that is seen, heard, or experienced by customers who come into contact with a company and/or its products and services. As an agency creating a brand, […]


  Curate To curate is to sort, sift through, sharpen and manage. This process begins once the branding thought process is clear. Converting thoughts into action entails a whole lot of organizing. From budget allocation, defining calendars, creating templates to briefing design and copy teams to work cohesively to ensure a unified output. Brand building is […]


Conceptualizing is an integral part of defining a brand or communication strategy and a plan.  Conceptualizing is based on various factors like clients brief, market research, competitive analysis etc. Basing concepts on concrete study is a validation for authenticity. Obtaining deep customer insight is a critical component of successful marketing, and is often a source of […]

Managing Ad Operations in E-commerce

Managing Ad Operations in E-commerce In the age of digital, it is becoming increasingly important to address audiences with contextual information that is relevant to them. Different creatives appeal to different audience segments. Within a country, there would be different tastes and preferences. Some might have a refined taste in design while others might be […]

A Case from Advertising

A Case from Advertising   Visualize a famous model gliding down a staircase, shedding parts of her attire as she enters the car. Once she’s inside the car being promoted in this advertisement, she flung her panties out the window. Doesn’t this sound like a cliche? A Welsh psychologist studied this advertisement to find that […]

The Science of Marketing

The Science of Marketing Using Behaviour Data and UX insights to drive Growth Being a partner to a Nutraceutical brand selling clinical meal replacement plans to aid weight loss, we wanted to build a loyal customer base that would transact on our website, rather than e-commerce marketplaces. That’s because several studies have shown that buyers […]

Methodical Advertising

Methodical Advertising A take on Digital Communication Management   A message is as powerful as the context. While a message needs creativity, context requires cues. These cues can come from a variety of stimuli and tools that surround the modern-day consumer. There has been a shift in the availability of information, tracking, and tools, from […]