Case Studies

1. Cygnus Hospitals - Cygnus Hospitals

The Challenge: A Health Care Group with no brand presence in spite of being active. So Cygnus came to Bayleaf and expressed the need for a comprehensive brand plan that would make Cygnus a recognizable force in North India.

The Solution
Bayleaf started with the logo. Cygnus Hospitals had a logo that in no way effectively communicated the group. The colours were not strong enough to stand out, there were too many elements and the brand was lost in the visual clutter.

The logo was closely examined and a new logo created. A new colour was selected and the meaning and what the group stood for was analyzed.

The bold new Cygnus red was launched with a new formation that communicated the true meaning of Cygnus. Cygnus means constellation and each hospital in the constellation was a star. We used this analogy to indicate the bigness of the group.

Today every Cygnus hospital displays the Cygnus Constellation. Each hospital in the constellation is clearly displayed. And the brand Cygnus is now easily identifiable across the Northern Hemisphere of India.

2. Godrej Interior - Kitchen Ergonomics

The Challenge: Godrej Interior introduced ergonomic Kitchen furniture that was modular and could be easily fitted in any kitchen, any size. The real challenge was not to just educate the target audience about the concept of ergonomics but to justify the cost factor which was more expensive than the accepted means of getting a carpenter to redo your kitchen with a design from a foreign catalogue.

The Solution
Bay Leaf created a series of ads that were targeted at the upwardly mobile young couples who were getting a new house or getting their kitchens refurbished. The ads were not large media spreads but very focused communication that talked about the Carpenter versus a Godrej Interior Kitchen with modern day Ergonomics. They were hard hitting ads that made the reader rationalize.

The results were dramatic! The response generated far exceeded the expectations and Kitchen Ergonomics soon became a new day buzzword.

3. Client - EOS

The Challenge: The name Eureka was so strongly associated with Vacuum Cleaners that getting people to see it as another organization, was impossible! Before they could introduce themselves or the company, they had to prepare themselves for a mentally exhausting task of explaining why Eureka was Eureka but not the Eureka they knew of.

The Solution
It was time for a name change. Eureka Outsourcing Solutions wanted a new logo. But the reality was they needed more than just a logo. They needed a name change. So, after many rounds of discussions, sitting and talking to several employees and understanding how serious the problem was, we decided to change the name.